Upcoming Events – Spring 2018

Well, we’re almost into the tournament season, and that means that there will be a lot of events coming!

Our first one is a members only event, on March 10, with Tony Huang visiting us from Blood & Iron Martial Arts. He’ll be showing use some of his interpretations on the Meyer’s dagger plates.

April will be practices as usual,

May, howevsword cutting, sword practice, sword fightinger, is a busy month!

First, there’s a cutting practice to be held on the first Saturday of the month, May 5. Details to be announced. Cutting practices are always a lot of fun, and it’s interesting to see the progress people make in their cutting skills. This is where we get to take what we learn in class and see how we can use those sharp, real weapons on a variety of targets. Typically we use pork carcass or thigh (whatever’s available), as well as milk jugs and whatever else is appropriate. Tatami mats? Maybe…

Then there’s the Victoria Highland Games Open HEMA Tournament on May long weekend. We have a few students going here, and are looking forward to this!

Next there’s the Forge WMA’s annual tournament, Anvil, on May 26, 2018. This officially kicks off the Prairies HEMA tournament, sword fighting tournament, sword tournament, sword competition, HEMA workshopHistorical Fencing League’s 2018 season, The Anvil is always fun, and we get several competitors in that each year.

Is that enough? Well, we’ll probably have another outdoor cutting practice in June. But that’s into the summer schedule, isn’t it?

As usual, classes are every Tuesday and Thursday in Edmonton, at Fulton Place Community League, 6115 Fulton Road., and every Monday in Rimbey at the Rimbey Gymnastics Club.

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