Johanus Haidner, Head Instructor

Founding the Academy in 1994, Johanus Haidner has Provost ranks in longsword, shortsword, and unarmed combat, with additional ranks in knife, staff, and pole-arms. He has been studying Western Martial Arts before the term became popular. A former champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, he has won medals in open martial arts tournaments across Alberta for both weapons and unarmed divisions.IMG_0818

“It is my strong belief that training is a life-long pursuit, and that martial arts has much more to offer than most people realize. It’s not just a matter of fitness, it’s a way of discovering yourself and learning true interaction with your whole being that is offered in no other way — mind, body, and spirit. Our European heritage has so much to offer us that people don’t begin to comprehend. While I encourage cross-training, I believe that no other martial heritage has as much to offer, nor is as rich as that of Europe.”


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