All of our members are volunteers, including instructors. Our instructors are merely students who have studied hard and spent a lot of time practicing, have proven to their peers the ability to convey the knowledge of our art to others, and have chosen to take the role of leading our practices.

IMG_9092Johanus Haidner, Head Instructor


Johanus Haidner

Founding the Academy in 1994, Johanus Haidner has Provost ranks in longsword, shortsword, and unarmed combat, with additional ranks in knife, staff, and pole-arms. He has been studying Western Martial Arts before the term became popular, and before HEMA was called HEMA. A former champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, he has won medals in open martial arts tournaments across Alberta for both weapons and unarmed divisions.

“It is my strong belief that training is a life-long pursuit, and that martial arts has much more to offer than most people realize. It’s not just a matter of fitness, it’s a way of discovering yourself and learning true interaction with your whole being that is offered in no other way — mind, body, and spirit. Our European heritage has so much to offer us that people don’t begin to comprehend. While I encourage cross-training, I believe that no other martial heritage has as much to offer, nor is as rich as that of Europe.”



Michael Adams, Senior Instructor

Michael Adams

Mr. Adams teaches our Thursday evening classes. He has achieved his Provost in longsword (KdF), and is currently working towards further provost rankings. His primary area of study and learning is Joachim Meyer’s works. Mr. Adams is a certified fitness instructor and coach (PTS, FAS Level I). Michael earned the title of League Champion in 2016 for the Prairies’ Historical Fencing League. You can read more about him at Evolve Strength, where Michael does private fitness coaching.

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