Nordschlag in Less Than a Week!

Nordschlag 2017, HEMA tournament, Prairies' Historical Fencing League, longsword tournament, knife tournament, sword & buckler tournament, women's longswordLess than a week! Woo hoo! We’ll be having the first ever Women’s Only Steel Longsword event in a Canadian tournament, as well as our usual Open Steel Longsword and Sword & Buckler events. We even have a knife fighting event. Included for those who are more beginners in HEMA are synthetic events in longsword and sword & buckler. Should be a lot of fun on May 27, 2017! It’ll be at Pollard Meadows Elementary School. Spectators get free admission.

This year’s workshop, on May 28, is being taught by Axel Petterson. He was here a couple of years back to a sold out workshop, and we’ve had several requests for him again. We’ll start at 10:00 am at Fulton Place Community League. I look forward to seeing a lot of people there. The workshop is limited in space, and was full, but I just received notice that someone has due miss due to a death on the family, so a space has opened up. If you wish to register for this, online registration here.

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