Nordschlag 2017 Results

Thanks to everyone who came and made Nordschlag 2017 a success!
We’re looking forward to 2018, which will be our 12th year!

2017 Nordschlag HEMA Medals

2017 Nordschlag Medals

Results for this year are:

Synthetic Longsword:
Gold: Corry Scholtz – Saskatoon Historical Fencing
Silver: Caleb Forrest – AES Edmonton
Bronze: Jessica Kaprowski – AES Rimbey

Synthetic Sword & Buckler:
Gold: Corry Scholtz – Saskatoon Historical Fencing
Silver: Kaprowski – AES Rimbey
Bronze: Zhang Chi – Saskatoon Historical Fencing

Women’s Steel Longsword:
Gold: Jane Johnson – Blood & Iron Martial Arts (Vancouver)
Silver: Helen Gallagher – Swords of the West (Ireland)
Bronze: Sheena Haugh – AES Edmonton

Steel Sword & Buckler:
Gold: Joseph Paches – AES Edmonton
Silver: Lars le Gras – The Forge WMA (Calgary)
Bronze: Hugh Cowles – AES Edmonton

Steel Longsword:
Gold: Ashley Coe – The Forge WMA (Calgary)
Silver: Kevin de Ridder – Blood & Iron Martial Arts (Vancouver)
Bronze: Mark Winkelman – The Forge WMA (Calgary)

Congratulations to all of our medalists and the participants who made this a fun and challenging tournament!

Schools that participated include:
The Academy of European Swordsmanship, Edmonton
The Academy of European Swordsmanship, Rimbey
The Forge WMA, Calgary
Blood & Iron Martial Arts, Vancouver
Saskatoon Historical Fencing
Academie Duello, Vancouver
Swords of the West, Ireland
– Old Guys with Swords, Edmonton
MSP Shiner Faction, Edmonton (Shillelagh Fighting)


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