Why Practice Western Martial Arts?

The lineage of Western Martial Arts is lost in ancient history but shows clearly in ancient Greek and Roman art and culture, and later through the numerous mediaeval and Renaissance treatises and manuals that are available from all over Europe. While the weapons used in Medieval and Renaissance times are now considered obsolete in warfare, they are still alive and well in the civilian world. Our Western heritage has a rich, full martial history that combines practical self defence with the use of various weapons, including knives, swords, staves, and more. This is truly military martial arts, both as it was practiced hundreds of years ago and today. It is fun!
What we do contributes towards fitness, mental health, and self confidence.

Why the Academy?

If you seek an authentic martial arts experience in an inclusive atmosphere that emphasizes real-world techniques over stage fighting and repetitive forms, look no further than the AES.

Where and when are classes?

We have three different locations. Click the link for details

What are the fees?

You are invited to drop in and participate in your first class for free!

Academy Memberships

One time fee of $245 (includes T-shirt, student manual, and several treatises and other materials on disk, valued over $500).

Individual Classes

Cost per class may differ between locations. Please contact the chapter instructor in your area for more information. (Please click on the chapter links above).


Workshop costs vary based on content, length and number of students. If you are interested in arranging a WMA/HEMA workshop for your group please contact the chapter instructor in your area.

Something else?

Contact us directly

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