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Nordschlag 2014 Western Martial Arts Tournament Junior Champion

Nordschlag 2014 Junior Champion

Well, it’s been an active year. We ran a wonderful tournament on March 1, 2014 and had some amazing competition there. The new knife fighting rules seem to work quite well. And it amazed people at how fast knife fights really are! The only difference we’ll make next year is that we’re likely to take those to seven points instead of five. Excellent judging! And stellar competition.

Steaphen Fick, one of the instructors at Nordschlag 2014 WMA workshop

Steaphen Fick, one of the instructors at Nordschlag 2014 WMA workshop

The workshop on March 2 featured three instructors: Steaphen Fick (from USA), Mark Winkelman (from Calgary), and Johanus Haidner (from Edmonton). Participant feedback was awesome and it looks like we’ll be getting more like this for next year.

Nordschlag Western Martial Arts workshop participants 2014

Sunday Workshop Participants









Our regular Tuesday class is still at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church, 10831-124 Street. Starts at 7pm. We’ve gotten a little bit of turnover in class, with some people leaving because of school or work, and a few new faces that are welcomed to the chapter. Class will continue throughout the year, with a small break for August due to instructor vacations. Still only $60 per month!

The Family class is a success this year, with five families participating in this session. This is on Thursday eves from 6:15 to 7:30 at Pollard Meadows Elementary School. Because of its success, it will continue again in September. The kids are loving it! And parents like that they all get to work together and have fun learning something new, fun, and practical.

Steel Federschwert damaged in tournament

Steel Federschwert damaged in tournament.

Our Sunday drop-ins will start in May, so keep watching for those. It’s easiest for those who are members of our Facebook group to see this, as regular posts are on there. Sunday sessions are always outdoors, ad hoc (due to weather and participation), and pay what you can.

2014 is our twentieth anniversary! Yes, the AES is 20 years old this summer! And to celebrate that, in August we will be having a celebratory “Spar-B-Q”. This will be a get together for all members, friends, family, and associates held in Edmonton (head chapter hosting), where we’ll bring our gear, have some fun sparring and eating. And afterwards the steaks (burgers, whatever…) go on the barbeque and the beer comes out. This is a family event, so moderation in all things is encouraged! Date and location forthcoming soon.


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