Buying Equipment

The below websites are to buy equipment for HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). The equipment is rated for full contact sparing with plastic or metal weapons.

All full contact sparring helmets must use protection that does not allow for weapons to enter them, with most helmets the eye slits can be entered; the best way is to use metal mesh, see below in helmets for examples. For practice it is recommended to use full contact helmets or fencing masks.

The reason why it is only recommended to buy products from what section they are under is because many products are not meant for full contact sparring. In many cases metal gauntlets for under $200 break apart within a few strikes.

For full contact sparring it is recommended that you have the following:

-A helmet with full all around protection that is rated for strong impacts and a metal mesh front. -Required

-Hand protection, it is recommended to use the below items or their equivalent. -Required

-Padded arm and chest protection, this may include Gambeson’s, sports equipment or just two sweaters over top each other.

-Knee, shin, and elbow protection.

-A cup; cups from most martial arts and sports will work.

For hand to hand sparring it is recommended to use kick boxing equipment, as their gloves and helmets provide adequate protection. It is also recommended to get a mouth guard.

One alternative to buying a helmet is to get a hockey helmet and replace the grill with metal mesh. Just be sure to get neck protection. For neck protection all you need is padded cloth or leather that covers your entire neck (front & back); it should cover all the way down past your collar bone, to ensure safety use straps/Velcro so it stays on during combat.

As a note many of the below armouries can make their battle ready weapons into practice weapons for an additional fee. To be a practice weapon, a weapon must have at least a 3mm width edge and a rounded tip. If it does not have a rounded tip you may use rubber or tape to make it safe.

A lot of the protective gear and sparring weapons may be obtained from Purpleheart Armoury. We do recommend them quite highly! They carry not only protective gear and practice weapons, but also the Ensifer Federschwerte that are used in tournaments.




Entry Level Weapons

Mid Level Weapons

Top Level Weapons

-You Currently need to contact Garth for custom work, but it is amazing! (Jazz hands)

Practice Weapons (Metal) – Contact Garth for custom work, but it is amazing! (Jazz hands)
Note that SGT Blades is located in Airdrie, Alberta. This is a convenient location for most practitioners in Canada!

-For AES you want SPORTING weapons not training ones, Training weapons are 3-4 times heavier and cannot be used without heavy armour.

Practice Weapons (Plastic)

HEMA Specific protective gear:

-It is recommended to buy equipment only for the item it has been put under.



You are looking for Gambeson’s or full chest and arm protection.,protektory.html <- Entry level recommended,protektory.html

Gloves <- Entry level recommended




Sword Bags

-47” Length, large size



Distributor/Whole Sale




In Edmonton

Supply Sergeant

West Edmonton Mall. #2686 Phase II Upper Level by Entrance #9.

Sells entry level weapons and some plastic or foam weapons.



West Edmonton #1630, Phase III, Lower Level by Entrance #50.

Sells entry level weapons and some plastic or foam weapons. Tend to be pricey.


Combat Zone

7225 104 Street NW
Sells basic hand to hand basic martial arts supplies

Rising Sun Martial Arts Supply Ltd

15734 100 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB T5P 0L1w

(recommended for unarmed protective gear)


MMA Fighter Pro Shop

16 Renault Crescent

St. Albert, AB T8N 4B8

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